Vaccination of dogs...

Vaccination consists of a prime immunization and booster doses.

The success of a vaccination depends on the following factors:
 • Only healthy dogs should be vaccinated.
 • The dogs must be free of parasites.
• Avoid vaccination in times of stress (change of residence ...)

 • Respect the intervals between vaccinations.

Vaccination scheme for puppies

4-6  weeks

Parvovirus+ Distemper


6-8 weeks

Pentavalent vaccine


9-12 weeks

Heptavalent vaccine


from 3 months


Vaccination scheme for adult dogs

1. Heptavalent or pentavalent  vaccination
2. Repeat after 3 or 4 weeks
3. Booster after 1 year


Very important, although rabies in Spain is considered to be eradicated. Since rabies cases occur in neighboring countries and the possibility exists that sick animals can be imported into Spain.

Leishmania Vaccine

Leishmania is a parasite disease transmitted by a mosquito spread widely in the Community of Madrid. The disease can also be transmitted to humans. Vaccination does not protect 100%, which is why complementary antiparasitic methods should be used to protect our dog from mosquitoes.

Vaccination scheme for Leishmania

1. Prior to vaccination: Blood test to check if the dog is already infected.
2. First dose
3. Second dose (after 2 weeks)
4. Third dose (
after further 2 weeks)