Vaccination of cats ...

In general, vaccination includes a basic immunization and subsequent booster vaccination. In cats, it is recommended to perform a test for leukemia and immunodeficiency before vaccination since the presence of each of these diseases may affect the subsequent vaccination. It is a simple test that requires a small blood test and the result is obtained after 10-15 minutes.

Not all cats require all vaccinations.

We must pay attention to the habits of our cat: Always at home or on the terrace; running around outside and having contact with other cats; having contact with other cats only during vacations, etc.. The cat's age is also an important factor that must be taken into account. We can provide advice for each specific case.

To take into account prior to vaccination:

• Only healthy cats should be vaccinated.
• It is preferable that the cats are dewormed.
• Avoid stress situations before and after vaccinations. Cats are particularly sensitive to changes in their environment. They should not be vaccinated if you move house or have just moved, or if recently another cat came into the house, a baby was born ...
• The vaccination intervals must be respected.

Vaccination scheme for kitties


9 weeks

Trivalent vaccination


12 weeks 



15 weeks


Rabies vaccination is not mandatory within the Comunidad de Madrid. Ask us, however, if you plan to travel with your cat or if it frequently outside.

Vaccination scheme for adult cats

1. Trivalent + Leukemia
2. Repeat after 3-4 weeks
Repeat after 1-3 years (depending on the cat).