Palliative therapy, putting to sleep and accompanying your pet...

Unfortunately, the life of our beloved pets is not eternal and its end is sometimes preceded by long-lasting suffering. In these cases it is our task, together with you, to find the right time and help them at this crucial moment. If there are no other possibilities, or the animal is suffering very much, we should facilitate the animal to do this step in a familiar atmosphere, in its habitual environment and at your side. The decision when the right time is, is difficult and must be made on the basis of medical and humanitarian criteria.
To ensure that the animal is put to sleep in a painless way, two previous steps are taken: First, a mild sedative to reduce stress and second an anesthetic, so that the animal does not feel any pain. In this way they neither suffer not feel any physical pain.

And then?
There are several options:
• Carry out the funeral yourself: This possibility exists, but it must be on your own soil, ensuring that neither irrigation systems are close nor filtration into the drinking water is possible. Also, it has to be ensured that the tomb is protected from other animals.
• Through a communal or private facility. We help you organizing this.
• There is also the possibility of burial in an individual grave in a cemetery for pets or individual cremation. We provide contact information for these services.

Grief: Advice to overcome loss ...
• Meditate on it, talk to your friends or family. Exchange helps us taking decisions.
• Talking is good! Seek contact with people who understand you and share your feelings towards animals.
• It helps many people to write a letter or to put together a box with the personal belongings of our pet (toys, collars, photos ...).
• Above all, remember all the beautiful moments you have spent together all these years and how happy you were.