Deworming is not like a vaccine; deworming must be done regularly so that the animal stays free of parasites.

In case of contact with children, elderly, sick persons or persons with a disturbed immune system it is recommended to carry out an internal deworming every one and a half months.


External deworming

This refers mainly to treatment against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. There are a variety of effective products on the market: pipettes, sprays, baths and collars. The use of two simultaneous or alternative methods (necklace-pipette, necklace-spray) is recommended depending on the season and the habits of the animal (often goes out, living in the countryside, vacation at the beach, ...). This is especially important in spring, summer, and autumn.

If it is possible to control external parasites, it has a positive effect on the control of many diseases whose transmitters are parasites.