Surgery at home ...

 We are being asked frequently: What can we do at your home without jeopardizing the life of your pet? Of course not everything can be done, but quite a lot! We can deliver about 70% of the normal services of a clinic at your home without risk.

At home we can:
- Sewing of wounds
- Removal of awns (hair- or bristle-like appendage of grasses, which easily stick to the fur of pets and where they remain briefly before penetrating into the skin or body openings (eg. eyes, ears). Due to their shape awns penetrate deeper and deeper into the tissue and can cause serious damage and pain if they are not detected at an early stage).
- Treatment of abscesses
- Castration of male cats


In difficult cases, or cases requiring the infrastructure of a clinic, we perform the operation in a clinic with which we collaborate.

• castration

stomach surgery

• teeth cleaning
• surgery of eye lids
• mammary tumors
• biopsies


Preparation for surgery

• No food from 12 hours before surgery.

No liquids from 3 hours before surgery.

• Little activity before, the animal should rest.