Castration of of pets: Why is this recommendable?

Castration is an operation with advocates and opponents. From our point of view, it has far more advantages than disadvantages. It is a routine operation with fast recovery.

In dogs and cats, as a side effect we reduce in this way the likelihood of mammary tumors to appear. Also, castration implicitly prevents the occurrence of uterine infections and false pregnancies.
Female cats often have a extremely short
heat cycle. This can be suppressed by hormone treatments. With castration, these treatments can be avoided as well as their numerous side effects, which is both, a long term and economically more viable solution.

In males, prostate problems (cysts, tumors) and testicle tumors are prevented. In addition, castration helps to control certain behaviors of the animal, such as aggressiveness and dominance, and is also a necessary step in the treatment of many behavioral disorders.
In males, area marking is avoided. Castration also increases their well-being and health; just remember how cats in heat are suffering.
The main disadvantage of castration is that our pets then tend to gain weight. Yet this can be controlled with controlled diet and exercise.

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Stray cats: The importance of cat colonies
In order to avoid over-population, complaints in the neighborhood and deaths of cats by accidents and diseases, we support the creation of cat colonies, which consist in sterilizing the animals and releasing them.